Many of us in the United States and Canada will enjoy a three-day holiday weekend. Culminating in Labor Day celebrations on Monday.

relaxLabor Day was instituted in the U.S. to honor the ‘working man’ (I include working women) it has built into a focus on laborers with a strong union flavor. Yet, aren’t we all ‘working’ people? Personally I was in a union once and after being told to reduce my output and stop making others look bad, I realized very quickly that a high-achieving person was NOT going to be allowed to be successful in that environment. People in sales work WAY harder than the people I worked with back then.

So, I suggest that YOU should celebrate Labor Day by being labor-less!  Its a day to kick back, try to enjoy a little more summer before fall hits (the leaves have already started falling in Wisconsin). Turn off the email and technology that ties you to work.

My observations over the last few years are that MANY of you are working on weekends and nights. Trying to catch up or get ahead of the next week. Yet, what toll does that take?

I implore you to MAKE yourself labor-less this weekend too. Then let me know what you did…I’m always looking for ideas on how to NOT work on weekends.