Ready for the weekend? Got time on your hands to chill with a good book? How about a book that will help you sell?

Summer is just half over – still time for some great summer reading! We’ve compiled a list of powerful book that, when digested, will help you sell more!

Following is a selection of books that help you focus on people in sales and on how to become a rainmaker!

people love youPeople Follow You by Jeb Blount

The most effective leaders are masters at inspiring their people to take action. The fact is, people don’t follow companies, paychecks, incentives, stock options, fear, power, or fancy slogans—PEOPLE FOLLOW YOU. People Follow You delivers a simple and actionable formula for building strong relationships with employees and gaining their buy-in. Ultimately, people follow leaders they like, trust, and believe in, leading to higher productivity and long-term development.

people smartPeople Smart in Business by Tony Alessandra and Michael O’Connor with Janice Van Dyke

Discover who seeks recognition and who wants results, who loves consistency and who fears change. This knowledge shows you how to sell your ideas and win people over. You’ll be able to reach the unreachable. When a job needs to be done—use your People Smarts to pick the perfect person for the job. And put yourself and your projects in the best position to win.

rainmakers quick guideThe Rainmaker’s Quick Guide To Lasting Sales Success by Carolyn McGowan Coradeschi

The Rainmaker’s Quick Guide to Lasting Sales Success is full of real life Rainmaker examples and stories from worldwide experts, including myth busters, tips, and solid strategies to skyrocket sales. This book makes sales, an emotionally complicated topic for many, approachable and doable. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner in sales, this is relevant information you can use immediately for your personal sales success.

John DoerrRainmaking Conversations: Influence, Persuade, and Sell in Any Situation by Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr

 Every conversation you have is an opportunity to find new prospects, win new customers, and increase sales. Yet so many professionals and sales people struggle with generating initial conversations and moving them to the close. In Wall Street Journal bestselling Rainmaking Conversations, Mike Schultz and John Doerr provide a proven system that will help you master sales conversations so you can close more deals, increase revenue, and be more successful. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build real rapport and trust from the first contact
  • Apply the 16 principles of influence in sales
  • Overcome all types of objections
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that kill sales

Each one has valuable information that can help you sell more!

Ready for the entire list? You can find it here: the Summer Sales Reading List. Enjoy!