Hopefully you’ve made the time to check out, or maybe even read, the books shared in the previous posts.

Now another group of books that will help YOU sell more in 2014.


Conversations That Sell by Nancy Bleeke

There’s no such thing as “small talk.” Today’s buyers want more from sales professionals than a simple consultation. What they’re hungry for are meaningful, collaborative conversations that value their time and energy and result in a Win3…where they, the seller, and the organization, achieve a winning outcome.

Conversations That Sell introduces sales professionals to the collaborative conversation skills they need to capture the buyer’s attention and secure business. Outlined and supported with examples are the key conversation Skill and the Will factors that drive results. It’s an easy read with many tips and tools to help you make each of your sales conversations count.

discover questions

DISCOVER Questions™ Get You Connected by Deb Calvert

Become the one seller every buyer actually WANTS to talk to! With this breakthrough approach to asking high quality, more purposeful questions, you will differentiate yourself from other sellers. DISCOVER Questions™ are a proven, field-tested, way to cut out continuances, put an end to pending, and stop stalling out so you advance more sales all the way to the close.

do you mean business

Do YOU Mean Business? by Babette N. Ten Haken

Don’t just sell, become a Businessperson of Worth! In this business boot camp of a book, Babette gives you step-by-step tips and tools to collaborate with your secret sales weapons: the technical and engineering folks in your company. Shorten your sales cycle in the process.

email power

Email Power Prospecting: Breaking Through the Delete Barrier by Kendra Lee

In these 25 pages you will discover a multitude of email prospecting strategies you can apply immediately to break through the delete barrier and reach top prospects.

Do you want…

  • To increase your access rate?
  • To get more email replies?
  • To stop getting deleted?
  • To close more than your peers?
  • To sink your hook in those elusive leads?
  • To feel a lot smarter than you did before you read the Email Power Prospecting eBook?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get this Email Power Prospecting eBook!

first sale to yourselfThe First Sale is Always to Yourself by Bernadette McClelland

This book is a call to action. 200+ pages of ideas, thought leadership, and an invitation for you to begin to see the commercial abundance through forging stronger relationships, making more money, and creating your own levels of certainty for your customers to be served at the highest level. It is all about making that first sale to yourself.

“This immensely practical, fast moving book is loaded with proven strategies and techniques to increase your business sales immediately” Brian Tracy – Author, The Psychology of Selling

From Bud to Boss Cover-From Bud to Boss: Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris

The transition from salesperson to sales manager is critical – to the success of your team and to your bottom line. Learn how to effectively and confidently facilitate this transition for yourself or those first-time supervisors who will be reporting to you. From Bud to Boss will guide you with expert information for those who must now supervise friends and former peers, and puts a focus on the issues that new leaders experience.

You have time to download and purchase any of them before this weekend. And if you are ready for the entire list – you can find it here: the Summer Sales Reading List. Enjoy!