Timing is so important in your business development and selling efforts, and the right timing for our virtual efforts may be even more important than it is for face-to-face follow-ups.

In this episode of Virtual Selling; Concrete Results, we’ll build from the previous installment that discussed the process for your follow-ups, and this time I’ll share the best practices for the cadence, timing, and timeline of the follow-ups.

Mode Matters

First, make sure to vary the mode of communication you’re using for your follow-ups. For example, you might want to incorporate a blend of email, phone calls, texts, or video messages. Videos in particular are a big thing to consider including in your follow up messaging.

Timing Matters

What are the best practices around timing your follow-ups so that you won’t seem desperate or too aggressive?

My recommendation for the follow-up cadence for virtual conversations in which you didn’t secure a specific commitment or decision is:

  • 1x a week for 4 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks for 2 months
  • Every month for 6 months
  • …Then what?

You decide. It depends in large part on how you set up your process and the cycle of need for what you’re selling. You might go to once a quarter. You might go to every other month. You might stay at once a month.

Consistency Matters

The key thing is for you to identify your timeline so that you’re not constantly debating whether or not to follow up, and so that you’re consistent in your follow up efforts. Remember the goal is to put yourself and your solution in front of prospects at the time that they need you.

A Simple and Effective System

Simple enough isn’t it?

What’s important is that you determine the timeline for you and your buyers. How often do you need to stay top-of-mind for them? Plan the timing of your follow-ups accordingly.

By varying the mode of communication – email, phone calls, text, or videos it won’t seem intrusive to your buyer.

More Follow-Up Tips Are Coming Your Way

Execute your follow-up system according to the plan that you define with productive messages that are not “check ins.” Why not “check ins”? I’ll cover that in the next video in this series when we turn our attention to the content of your follow-up messages.

Do you want a deeper dive of the follow up system? Check out this 50-minute webinar where I share all the best strategies in one event.

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