Confused and overwhelmed prospects don’t make decisions. Prospects won’t take the next step or make any commitments when they aren’t clear on what matters most. Instead, they stall, hide, and avoid you whenever they can.

That’s why we must do everything we can to make sure our prospects aren’t confused or overwhelmed.

Confused Buyers

Imagine this scenario: You need to buy something and head to your local store for the purchase. Once you enter the store, you realize it’s not very well organized and you have no idea where to look for the item you need. What do you do?

You’ve got a couple of choices:

  • One, think, “Forget this. I’m just going home, and I’ll order it online.” And exit.
  • Two, look for someone within the store who can narrow down your options and point you to that aisle or specific location to find the item.

It’s the same with people who are looking for professional services.

Prospects May Not Know how to “Buy” What You’re Offering

The reality is that most prospects don’t know how to buy a service, especially a financial service. They’ve probably never done it, or maybe only done it once or twice before in their lifetime.

Prospects may come to the conversation with information from research, experiences, examples, or maybe even fears that may or may not be relevant to them – and they don’t really know what’s relevant or not.

Guide Prospects to Make an Easy Decision

That’s why, from before the conversation even starts throughout each subsequent conversation and interaction, it’s up to YOU to make it easy for them to see what’s coming next.

It’s up to you to help them focus on the information that’s important to their situation. By doing that, you make it easy for them to get the information that helps them feel confident in making a decision to work with you.

Avoid Prospect Confusion with a Mindset Shift

Sounds good, right? Well then, how do you do it? How do you avoid becoming part of the confusion and overwhelm that keeps prospects trapped in analysis paralysis?

With a simple yet powerful mindset shift.

Think about your sales process and every sales interaction and conversation you have within it. Is your process put together in the view of, “What’s in it for Them?” and “Is this easy for them?” …Or is it put together in a way that makes sense for you?

We need to make it look right for them.

The process and the interactions that help them be less confused and not overwhelmed are the ones that are aligned with how they are going to make decisions.

So do whatever you can to make it easy for them, which includes avoiding confusing jargon and processes, and they’ll find it easy to make a decision to work with you.


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