It’s a word feared in courtrooms and in sales conversations around the world.

Why? Because it could mean potential conflict is coming.

And conflict, perceived or real, creates a reaction in us – the dreaded fight or flight.

What we do, though, at the point of hearing an objection, concern, or difficult question during a conversation is a turning point – it can move us forward with the buyer, stall, or end the conversation.

To keep the conversation moving forward, apply a safety lesson you learned as a child.

SDR - words insideIf your clothes catch on fire – stop, drop, and roll!

You can do the same verbally and mentally to remove the fight or flight reaction!


Stop your mouth and your mind. Listen to what they are saying. Take a breath.


Drop your defenses, assumptions, ego, and agenda—for now. Pause. Don’t react before you:


Respond to the objection by rolling forward as a problem solver. Use three A’s as a guide to your response.

  • Acknowledge the objection.
  • Ask for clarity.
  • Answer with relevant information.

It sounds like this:

Customer (Carl): Thanks for the information, but I don’t think we have the time to address this in 2013.


Pause (Stop)

Take a breath (Drop)

Carl, I appreciate you telling me that the timeline is not ideal for you. (Roll-Acknowledge)

  It can be challenging to work out addressing how to make the time to address the problem in distribution you told me about.

If you would please share with me more about your concern with your schedule for 2013. (Roll-Ask – even though it’s a request, not an outright question, it works!)

Carl Customer: Responds with his tale of woe on his busy schedule.

You: Carl, I see there are time challenges for you. (Roll-Acknowledge again)

How do you see the problem with distribution contributing to the time challenges? (Roll-Ask)

The information exchange continues allowing you to eventually Roll with an Answer such as:

You: From what you said, distribution is a time drain and addressing the problem might be time well invested this year. Why don’t we review more about your options for getting this addressed sooner or late. (Roll-Answer)

And the conversation continues . . .

It really can be that easy – if you work to keep the conversation open without putting them on the defense or getting defensive yourself.

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By the way, Stop, Drop, and Roll works well in ALL situations when you are faced with an objection or concern (including at home)!

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