Continuing the week with tips on running effective meetings… An acronym to use for ensuring your meeting is worthwhile, is STICK.    sticky notes

Employees around the world feel “meeting’ed out”.  They go from meeting to meeting to meeting without time to get their work done.  So the “work’ is rushed or addressed at night.  So how do you ensure that your meeting isn’t dreaded?  Well, the employees I spoke with stated that they will willingly make time for a meeting if there is something in it for them – developmentally or to help them be more productive.  That means including more than operation and product updates in your meeting format.

Much meeting information can be shared with memos, emails, quick update phone calls, without taking up valuable time.  The goal should be for a ‘live’ meeting is for it to stick!

With stickiness as a key outcome, the STICK acronym provides a framework for planning a productive sales meeting.  Using these ideas will help remove the Teflon-effect (slides right out of mind) of a boring meeting.

  S  – Sharpen their skills, behaviors or attitudes.  Give your people opportunity to share experiences and best practices.  Don’t make the meeting just about information.  Use the time to BUILD your team for future success.  Incorporate 20-30 minutes each meeting for this proactive activity.
T – Timely.  Is the information and the discussion relevant to what is important today?  Don’t hold all information you have until the meeting. If you have a lot of “little” things to cover, prepare a short handout to distribute at the end of the meeting or send an email prior to the meeting.  During your meeting do not READ the handout to them – or worse – the PPT slides!  Save your meeting time for the most meaningful topics and discussion.
   I – Inclusive/Interactive.  Put more ask instead of tell into your meeting format.  Engage and involve their expertise in topics and experiences.  With involvement comes a better sense of ownership and team.  Some business people spend a lot of time alone, and realizing that their team has similarities helps them stay connected to the company, which leads to retained employees.
C – Communicative.  Sharing relevant information is important; asking for information back even more so.  Plan ahead and allow others to present information or lead discussion and activity.  Let the information be two-way.
   K – Kinetic.  Adults need to DO – to take action and build information into their consciousness and habits.  Help them make the information actionable.  End every meeting with each person committing to ONE action they will take to apply the information discussed.  If they have no commitments, why were they in the meeting?

With a little planning and the STICK acronym followed, your team will willingly participate in your meetings.  They will skip down the hall on the way, bring YOU a cup of coffee, silence their BlackBerry and have positive thoughts in their heads as they join the meeting.  More importantly, the information will stick and result in higher productivity after the meeting!

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