I just received another email from a company who wants my attention…The email with identifying information removed read:


My name is Mr. Sales guy and I am the Vice President of ______, a Corporate Entertainment company.

We specialize in High-Energy Openers, Closers & General Session Entertainment for Meetings, Trade Shows and Conferences.  We are a professional ___________, in which our founder was a cast member of.

We customize each performance according to your corporate message, theme or product.

The group also has segments of Audience Interaction and Team Building Workshops.

Other features include: feature, feature, feature, feature.

Partial Client List: (list of companies.)

If you’re looking to have something energetic and motivating at your next event, view our short video clip below!

I look forward to hearing from you.

My first reaction to this information? So What? So what does this have to do with me?

Do you think I wanted to follow-up? Not as a customer, but as a sales trainer and consultant I did!  I let them know that while I have no need for their services, I do have some feedback and tips for them!

First, at first glance the message isn’t a bad one, is it? But what it is extremely We or I focused…no focus on Me, the receiver!

This message was all features focused…we have this, this is our background, and here is who works with us. Again, good information to share for someone who is interested…but I don’t know what all these features mean…I want to say So What?

Instead, if this message answered my question..So What? I might be more compelled to click on that video link or find out more.

It’s the same for all of us, instead of focusing on WHAT we have or do, we need to relate that WHAT to What’s in it for Them (WiifT) to make it relevant for them!

Here’s how it works using e the feature:

We customize each performance according to your corporate message, theme or product.

Great, they customize it, So What?

We customize each performance according to your corporate message, theme or product so that your audience connects to the information you want to reinforce.

So What?

A connected audience retains information better, stays more engaged and will enjoy themselves which makes your event memorable and the ‘talk of the town.’

So What?

A memorable event sells more of your product and gets the audience talking about you.

See the difference? Instead of just WHAT they do, I now know What’s it in for Me – and I will pay better attention to the message and may be compelled to take the next action.

The Whats to WiifTs work in writing, in your sales presentation, on your PowerPoint slides and in your marketing materials. When you  relate What you do/have to What’s in it for Them, they will see the potential value and not have to try and make that connection themselves.

Whats + WiifTs = Value

And value = a closed sale.