When is the last time you felt that you mattered at work?

Too long you say? It’s probably the same for your clients, prospects, and co-workers as well.

And the great thing about that sad fact is that YOU can differentiate yourself by making them matter.

Think about it, it’s really easy to zip off responses to messages or mail out a sample or document without thinking about the person who is receiving it.

feeling-specialYet I was reminded how wonderful it is to be on the receiving end of a simple act that made me feel like I mattered.

I opened a little package last week with earrings my daughter ordered. Inside was a small plastic bag with the “Care Instructions” and a single caramel candy. Yes,  just one piece of candy with earrings. But it made us feel we mattered!

We felt special and ended up splitting the caramel so we both felt important!

Oh how that one little treat changed the reaction to the package. And what do you think it cost? Pennies! But whoever thought of it and then carried it out got much more in return. I actually reviewed the order and looked at the company name because I wanted to see who would be so thoughtful. Typically I would’ve just filed the receipt away.

I remembered how earlier in my career I used to take the extra time to do those simple things. I added inspiration cards into my invoices, regularly sent greeting cards to ongoing customers, and I even picked up the phone and called a customer to say “Hello” or ask them about something they mentioned in the last conversation.

Then I got busy… emails, voicemails, and orders are now sent off without the little extras. I cross them off my To Do list and move on.

No longer. That simple caramel has reignited my belief that though I may not have received much feedback, at the moment people opened my mail/packages, they knew they mattered.

Just think how easy it really easy to simply add a few words, a thought, a quotation, or anything that makes the person feel they matter.

And how special (and memorable) that makes you to them as well!

Does it work? Yes! We sent a little surprise with a shipment of Genuine Sales materials – and the recipient was wowed!

What about you? What are some ways you show your prospects/customers they matter?

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