I’ll admit I’m a scrapper.  Yes, a scrapper.  A word that has more than one meaning – a scrapper is “a fighter or aggressive competitor” and/or someone who makes picture scrapbooks. Both are true in my case.  And both have interesting sales lesson opportunities!

Sometimes when I hear objections or a customer didn’t do something they committed to, I want to fight!  When things don’t go certain ways, I am aggressive and take it head on and am direct to get to the bottom of it.  As with most things, there are good aspects of this approach…and bad.  People know where they stand with me.  Some people appreciate that, some don’t.

My approach is that none of us have extra time to waste in business, why not get to the real point and see if we can move through or over it?  What I always need to remind myself is that doesn’t work for everyone. Being an aggressive competitor is okay but being an ‘assertive’ competitor is better.

I’m also a scrapbooker. Not a fanatical scrapbooker, but I have been creating scrapbooks for 11 years now!  I have made family albums, anniversary albums, hostess gift albums, etc. The process is slow and tedious.  But I enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to take a lot of ‘scraps’ of this and that and photos and put them together to tell a bigger story in an attractive way. The journaling, writing about the photos,  is even more important sometimes than the pictures. My hope is that these become part of my legacy and help my children understand the ‘why’ of situations they experienced. scrapping

Years ago I found a ‘process’ to sorting, organizing and laying out my pages. It saves me a lot of time and I get more pages done than all other scrapbookers at events. (Oh, doesn’t that sound like an aggressive competitor comment 🙂 And it works. The efficiency of the process – along with the right tools – allows me to ‘close’ my scrapbooks.

Now doesn’t that sound like sales? Taking pieces of information from the customer and what we offer, then matching them together into a collage that tells a bigger story or takes us and the prospect to a new state of understanding, is what consultative sales is about!

Sometimes this approach to sales is tedious and slow – and finding a process to help is important.  This is very important in selling services because there isn’t something to really ‘show and tell’ on demand. I gather information and then use a process to create the outline and ‘picture’ for the prospect. Often the picture is a beautiful vision of what can be and the path to get there.

I feel like I just had a ‘self help’ group meeting and that I stood up and said “Hi, I’m Nancy and I’m a scrapper.”  Kind of a fun way to start my day.

How about you? What’s something you scrap about?

p.s. Even scrapbooking has gone ‘digital’ and many of the tools are now online.  Though I use the e-tools to create some books, the creative aspect is limiting so I identified which tools work in different situations and apply the ‘right’ tool to get the job done.  Same with sales tools – finding the right tool for the job is what is important.  Miles Austin of Fill the Funnel writes about different tools in his blog.   He even has an eBook to help use LinkedIn more effectively!