Do you find yourself focusing on tools and technology to drive sales? Or, is your strategic focus to ensure your salespeople are willing and skillfully able to grow sales?

hogwashIt seems the focus on equipping salespeople to succeed is missing a key component…sales skills! I’ve been to so many events lately where nearly all speakers, vendors, and giveaways focus on technology—software and apps—as THE way to grow sales. They boast of using these tools for efficiency which leads to less of a reliance on salespeople. One speaker even had the nerve to say salespeople are becoming obsolete. Hogwash!

As I gathered the info for my book, Conversations That Sell, I came to the opposite conclusion. Buyers need professional sellers now more than ever.

Your Opportunity

Buyers have access to the internet at all times, making it easy to buy many things quickly, compare prices, collect data, and solicit opinions.

This can give us a false sense that because many items are commoditized and sold that way, all buying decisions will be made without the aid of another person.

[Tweet “Salesreps are problem-solvers who assist buyers to find a solution that works for Them. Salesreps are problem-solvers who assist buyers.”]

What all the information, technology, and automation have really created is opportunity for your business. It’s your opportunity to have professional sellers on the street or on the phone/internet equipped to converse with potential buyers to help them sort through all the data and details and focus on what is most important for them.

Your Salespeople Must Do This

To successfully help buyers make decisions, your sales team must up their game.

Salespeople need to be more skilled in their conversations, focused, and more knowledgeable. Your sales process must support the seller’s efforts and ensure that ALL they do is geared toward helping their buyer do or decide something.

Your sellers need to be flexible in their conversations, seek information from the prospect about what they already know, and guide them to a decision effectively and efficiently. They need to use their expertise as they constantly ‘right size’ the information they share and connect it to what is important for that particular buyer.

When you match great selling skills with the process that supports prospect engagement, your sales will increase.

In the meantime, I don’t see a future without professional salespeople. Though only time will tell what happens to one of the oldest professions on the planet, we will continue to crusade and build the confidence and competence of sellers around the world.

What do you think? Is the extinction of salespeople coming? When do you want to speak to knowledgeable and professional salespeople?

Are your salespeople effectively selling? An efficient and objective salesforce evaluation will lay it out for you. It’s not for the weak of heart, but if you are serious about finding out how much your company can grow and what is in the way, schedule time with Nancy to discuss this easy evaluation process.

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