Little-Things-are-PNG-Website-SermonThe little things do matter when it comes to upping your game.

Two  readers sent me notes sharing how potential ‘little’ tips are working for them.

Angie reports the following after attending our Setting the Right Goals webinar,

“I got several take aways that I will be implementing into my daily routine. Something that you said quickly that I caught was Friday afternoons are a good time to make calls. I have always been reluctant to do so and this past Friday was able to set several appointments with potential customers.”

Gary reports the following message after completing the Genuine Sales course,

Learning to pause helped me be prepared in 1) before you start the call/visit and 2) any time during the WiifT (sales conversation framework) process in staying more focused and 3) to close the call with a pause to Identify the success. By pausing it helps me control the conversation and my thoughts. Who would have thought that doing nothing would be SO important in sales?”

Two little things that make a BIG difference in your performance.