What is an expert? Dictionary.com defines expert as a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority. This week I am with a group of experts – focused on helping people and companies increase their sales.

The conference is called the Sales Shebang. Author and truly inspiring business professional, Jill Konrath, started the conference in 2007 to showcase women sales experts. A pre-conference session yesterday was for a special group of Sales Experts who shared their stories and tips for business success with each other.

What is fascinating is the openness to sharing the “inside secrets” to our business. Nothing held back, and no question unanswered. My mind is still spinning with the actionable ideas shared to enhance business. Topics included: Strategic Alliances, Membership Sites, Sales Coaching Models, Maximizing Sales Results, Creating a Strong Referral Network and more.

As I thought about YOU, I wondered, do you have a format/venue to exchange ideas with the experts in your field? It doesn’t matter what your “field” is. Who is someone you can learn insider secrets from that will help you be even more successful?

Before contacting anyone to tap into their expertise, something to consider…One of the speakers, Colleen Stanley, spoke of the Generosity – Reciprocity Effect. A main point from this is that when building relationships of mutual benefit, we have to share and help others first. These women demonstrated that attitude of giving yesterday – 13 hours of it!

In the upcoming weeks I will share more of the wisdom from these fascinating experts.

Until then, back to you…What is one piece of expert knowledge you have that you could share with others? What can you do today to share your expertise?