Yesterday I posted Part 1 of a valuable list of sales books for you to pick up and read this summer. Grab a cold drink, put  your feet up and enjoy immersing yourself in ideas that might just give you an advantage in your next sales conversation. 

To make it easy for you to reference the entire list, click on this link to access pdf with the full list. Print out the list and you are ready to find a comfortable chair and a cold drink. 

The authors have valuable websites with free resources and blog posts with relevant and timely updates and ideas. As you read through the list, click on the links.  It’s a summertime treasure hunt as well as a valuable list of sales books to help YOU sell  more. 


Part 1 of the list can be found here.

OutSell Yourself: Go From Hello to Sold with Ethical Business and Sales Techniques! by Kelly McCormick.

Everything from how to talk about your prices, without feeling nauseated, to having powerful gender specific sales “conversations” with men and with women. Voted a TOP 10 SALES BOOK by Small Business Trends.

Power Referrals by Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Sales guru Andrea Sittig-Rolf pushes referral marketing to the next level with her proven Ambassador Method. Power Referrals teaches her step-by-step process of winning over and deploying an army of referral-givers that go out and actually do the selling for you–freeing up the time you need to grow your business. You’ll learn how to:
o Employ the ACT (Acquire, Cultivate, Teach) principle to build your Ambassador sales force 
o Convince referral-givers that your gain is their gain 
o Provide Ambassadors with the tools to promote and sell for you 
o Leverage Ambassadors to close more business than you thought possible

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question® by John G. Miller

Have you ever heard or asked lousy questions like, “Why don’t customers understand we’re the best?” “When will they call me back?” “Why don’t I get a break?” and “Who’s going to help me make this sale?” If so, you have witnessed a lack of personal accountability–and no salesperson can succeed without accountability. When salespeople blame, whine, complain, and procrastinate, they never fulfill their full potential. Outstanding salespeople as The Question Behind the Question®, the QBQ. Learn how to bring more personal accountability to your selling in this fun, meaningful, and quick read called QBQ!®

Rainmaking Conversations: Influence, Persuade, and Sell in Any Situation by Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr

Conversations make or break everything in sales. Yet so many professionals and sales people struggle with generating initial conversations and moving them to the close.

The Wall Street Journal bestseller, Rainmaking Conversations, by Mike Schultz and John Doerr provides a proven system that will help you master the art of the sales conversation so you can close more deals, bring in more revenue, and be more successful.

The Sales Winner’s Handbook: Essential Scripts & Strategies to Skyrocket Sales Performance by Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling(TM)

Insider, business-by-phone secrets to get the appointment, sail through objections, and get the sale… Scripts for what to say in every situation so you get what you ask for.

Slow Down, Sell Faster! : Understand Your Customer’s Buying Process & Maximize Your Sales by Kevin Davis

The biggest sales mistake occurs when salespeople who are disconnected from the buying process pitch their solution too quickly. Slow Down, Sell Faster! Provides a clear methodology for aligning consultative selling with the buying cycle. It’s a strategy to differentiate your sales force.


SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath (#1 sales book on Amazon)

If you’re frustrated dealing with today’s crazy busy prospects, check out these fresh sales strategies. Also, make sure you download Jill’s free Prospecting Tool Kit; it’s a goldmine.

The Truth About Leads by Dan McDade

The Truth About Leads is a practical, easy-to-read book revealing little-known secrets that help you focus your B2B lead-generation efforts, align your sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue. Readers will come away with insight and understanding on the problems that exist in the world of lead generation and qualification, and prospect nurturing; the causes of these issues, including misalignment between marketing and sales; and the cost of not addressing broken processes and keeping those involved accountable. Dan completes this anecdote-filled tome with the top-10 actions B2B execs can take today to improve revenue results.

Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide to Building Sales Compensation Plans for High Performance! by Ken Thoreson

Sales compensation is only one ingredient in building a high performance sales team, but a very important one. In 25 years Ken has created many sales compensation plans and during the last 13 years as a consultant he has been involved in designing hundreds of plans. The key is aligning the sales compensation plan to the organizations objectives. In this book he has described both the strategic and tactical aspects of designing, testing, rolling out and measuring the effectiveness of your sales compensation plans. Ken covers why compensation is a strategic and secrets of creating compensation plans that pay for performance and build a culture of success.


Your Sales Management Guru Guide to Leading High Performance Sale Teams by Ken Thoreson

This is your book if you need ideas on increasing your sales team’s performance, leading and managing your sales organization to the next level. 39 chapters literally jammed with hundreds of proven ideas that address every aspect of sales management. Plus a bonus section: The job of sales management, a prescriptive approach to building predictive revenue-a must read by every sales manager.

Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide to Recruiting High Performance Sales Teams by Ken Thoreson

What’s the number one challenge of sales management? Recruiting and hiring top talent. Where organizations have focused on quality hiring sales and revenue problems don’t exist, customer satisfaction levels are high and morale/culture is terrific. While most sales organizations focus on creating a sales process to increase sales performance, they yet fail to develop a recruiting and interviewing process that attracts ensures they Hire the Best, Not the Best Available. And then they wonder why their sales training and sales process didn’t work? The Sales Management Guru recommends sales leaders spend up to 25% of their time recruiting and interviewing-yet most have never been trained on that aspect of the job. This book has been designed to assist you in improving your skills and in building the systems and mentality required to increase the performance of your sales team. It is all about improving your odds.
Ken has included the tools to help you improve your performance; interview scorecards, interviewing questions, and sample job descriptions. Plus; a bonus section: the Sales Management Guru has included a sample three week new hire on-boarding process to ensure you initially train them properly and increase their ability to quickly begin to generate revenues.