Are you a sales artist?  When you hear the word artist, what comes to mind?  Someone a little “off”, quirky, passionate, focused on their art form?  As much as we try to make a science of sales, so much of sales success is an art that needs to be nurtured, developed and appreciated.

Jill Konrath tweeted this video for inspiration this week.  These dancers obviously have a passion for their art.  What about you?  Do you have passion for the art of sales?

Watch the video and then consider:

  1. If you were to lose some of your resources (and most have to do with less this year) would you find a way to continue with your art or make excuses and give up?
  2. Who do you spend time with that shares the love of your art?
  3. What have you done recently to strengthen your sales artistry?
  4. What “crutch” might provide support as you strive to achieve this year’s goals? 


There are all kinds of arts – dance, painting, sports, sculpturing – like there are all kinds of sales – direct, B2B, B2C, telesales.  What matters is whether you are connected to “your” sales art-form.

In the arts, success comes from practice, passion and persistence.  Isn’t this the same in sales?

p.s. Jill now posted the “back story” to these dancers on her blog.  Read it here.