Today I facilitated a workshop with a group of 40+ realtors. Our topic? Referrals!  Instead of coming in and telling them what to do – collectively their years of experience FAR outweighed mine – I used a Sharpenz ready-to-go sales training kit instead.  referral

The format included each person identifying “I wish I knew” items on referrals as a rookie and as they look at what is needed the next six months.  I circled the room and listened to what they were sharing…solid reminders and principles of referrals.  Here’s a dozen tips for you to ponder and act upon.

  1. Ask for referrals consistently.
  2. Have a plan for asking.
  3. Identify Howto ask in a way that is comfortable for you.  Some like humor, some asked in writing, others at certain points in the relationship.
  4. Have a process of follow-up to the referrer. Lots of discussion around whether you should reward the referrer in some way.
  5. Tap into the need for many people to help. Ask for their help!
  6. Assure the referrers of your intentions and what you will do with the contact information.
  7. Be timely in contacting the referral.
  8. Do not ask for their entire contact list.
  9. Be specificin what information you would like.
  10. Use social media outlets when possible.
  11. Be sincere and honest (someone suggested saying “I get referrals from every one of my clients.” and the group said if it wasn’t true, then you would break trust.)
  12. Always be thankful – state your appreciation and then assure them how you will use the information they shared.

Taking action on these tips will increase your ABILITY to earn valuable referrals.

There’s so much more to referrals. What’s your best tip?