Recovery time. Most of us dislike the thought of needing time to recover from anything. We like to keep on going.  Yet, if we overdue our week at work, we need time on the weekend to recover. If we overdue our fun on the weekend, Monday is tough because we need time to recover. If we don’t take care of our health, we may need medical recovery.  Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need recovery time?

Recovering isn’t just for overduing it or a medical situation, Lynn Zimmer, of the Sales Pro Insider team, shared the following with me:

There are four things that you cannot recover in life:

 The Stone…………after it’s thrown,
The Word………….after it’s said,
The Occasion….after it’s missed, and
The Time…………after it’s gone.

Today I share it with you because it is a great sales tip!  I am taking liberty to share the four things that are REALLY hard to recover in sales:

Your reputation….after it’s been compromised

Your word…after you have made a commitment and broken it

Your time…if you have used it unwisely

Your honor and integrity…if you ‘sell out’ for a quick gain at someone else’s expense

Most things aren’t totally unrecoverable, but the effort to try and recover is significant.  It’s easier to not ‘lose’ them in the first place.  Every action you take – or don’t take – matters.

This weekend is Valentine’s Day.  The time to show those you care the most how much they mean.  Think about  how these four items are also hard to recover with your family and friends.  Make time this weekend to ‘be’ with those you love and build your reputation, honor your word, use your time wisely and show your honor and integrity.  Then you won’t need any recovery time next week.