“Our value proposition” is becoming the phrase in sales these days. But what is it? And how do you maximize and use it to increase productivity? A value proposition is the end-result benefit statement of what you offer. Though this seems straightforward, how you have described your value in the past needs to be overhauled to better fit what is happening today.

In an unpredictable economy, more concrete specifics around decreased costs, increasing productivity, and reducing risks and unpredictability are necessary to get attention. You will need to adjust your value proposition statement to make your point most POWERful

POWER up your value proposition by:

Preparing a value proposition that is directly linked to the situation. Generic propositions such as “We save our clients money” can be so much better when it is relevant to them! Take time to research something about this person or company and find a specific value or benefit that will fit them.

Observing how the statement sounds and looks as you practice it on paper and out loud. The word choices and length of what you include may be very different if it is stated verbally or in writing.

Working specific metrics into the value statements whenever possible. Numbers speak!

Explaining the What this means for YOU  is… Spell it out – don’t make them work to make the connections between what you provide and what it will mean to them.

Restating the value throughout your discussion. Don’t dump all the benefits on them in one statement. Sprinkle them in when appropriate – during your introduction, prefacing some of the questions you ask, during your presentation and especially before asking for a decision.

A value proposition is not a one-size-fits-all statement. And overhauling yours to best fit the realities of your customers and prospects within today’s economy will help you continue to move sales through your funnel.