There are many ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. And selling yourself in different ways is important in recessionary times. This morning as I was searching the web with my high school senior to verify today is actually Mole Day and he should wear his tie-dyed t-shirt for the celebration, I was reminded how easy differentiation can be.

Ever heard of Mole Day? If you are in chemistry, mathematics or education you may have. National Mole Day commemorates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23) – helpful if you need to measure REALLY small masses like scientists do. There are school celebrations, websites on how to celebrate, joke sites and so much more! What does this have to do with business? It’s a great example of how every industry, discipline and sometimes company has unique language, celebrations and measurements that, if we know about, we can use to “connect” with them.

The Internet provides an abundance (I’m sure I could apply Avogrado’s Number to this somehow, but science isn’t my forte) of information on unique celebrations. There is Water Day, Make a Difference Day, Techies Day (which is today too), Bald and Free Day, and so many more! Sites with usual and unusual dates of celebration:

Think about your client base, your industry, your specific customers and what their interests are. Then look for the unusual! What relevant celebrations might make them feel special? Send them a note, a small trinket, something that lets them see that YOU are “in the know”.

Everyone could use a smile, and when you are the one providing it, you do differentiate yourself!

P.S. If you want to send me a note on a special day – July 26th is Nancy Day 🙂