Today is a HUGE day for me.  I’ve pushed the launch button on a new venture, Sharpenz…half hour of power sales boosters.

I’ve collaborated with Alice Kemper of Sales Training Consultants to bring a training tool to the world!  It’s been in the works for over a year!

We whittled our comprehensive sales training expertise into specific 30-minute boosts of power!  Then we piloted, had focus groups, tested again, and then added even more value with reinforcement tips!


Whether you are a sales manager or a member of ANY service/sales team that would like to work with your colleagues to boost each other’s skills in selling, prospecting, marketing, or personal development, there may be a Sharpenz booster for you!  (From goal setting to working through objections to team building.)

We have over two dozen titles now available – with many more in development!

Of course, to build excitement, we have two special offers:A 30 minute boost!

1.  A FREE Sharpenz booster for you – you can select one of two titles:

Better Questions which focuses on helping you idnetify and practice better questions you can ask in your needs analysis and problem solving.  Or

Now to Wow provides a very interactive format for your team to look at all your customer “touch points” and determine how to escalate these touches to a WOW! experience.

2.  All orders through November 15th are discounted 50%!

If you want to hear me explain a little more about Sharpenz – I’ve even put together my first video!  (Really, this was one of  the most challenging pieces of this whole launch…I think there were 27 takes…and some of the “peppy and fun” Nancy was a little lost in the end….)   What makes the video even funnier to me is that when I was in NYC last week, I was selected to be one of the ‘volunteers’ for the NBC Studio Tour where I was the weather girl.  Now, without pressure THAT was a lot of fun (I even included a little weather dance.)

I digress, back to Sharpenz.  We have tested each booster in the 30 minute format to make sure you do get a big BOOST in a little time.

To honor the need for GREAT meetings, the rest of this week will focus on effective meetings.

Today’s quick  tip for effective team meetings:

Have a specific objective for your meeting.  Plan your agenda in advance to identify how much time you need for the topic at hand.


P.S. Sales Pro Insider, Inc. is alive and well.  In fact, we are working right now with two Fortune 100 companies to build sales and service skills  and helping another sales organization hire a KEY sales exec!


Let me know what you think of Sharpenz!  Do you think you can sharpen skills and results in just 30 minutes?