This past Wednesday I was a panelist for a Top Sales Expert Roundtable on Prospecting.  The panel was international and so were the participants!  Even though I was there to SHARE information, I learned a few things too!

My main learning points:

  1. To be successful ongoing prospecting – or initiating contact with potential prospective buyers – needs to be built into your weekly plans.
  2. Tim Wackel reported a study that found that most sales people “give up” after 2-3 contacts with prospects.  In todays’ world, 5 contacts are what it takes to get them to pay attention.
  3. Making contact alone isn’t the whole story – Cheryl Clausen shared that we must prepare, have a value proposition for THIS prospect and be able to succinctly explain how we can help them.
  4. Discipline is one thing top producers have that many others don’t.  It doesn’t matter what system they use, they follow through and are consistent.
  5. And I believe Christian Maurer shared that “You only get in life what you ask for.” Be clear on what you WANT from this contact – be purposeful with your plan and you will have better outcomes.
  6. Of course, Jonathan Farrington added his quick Brit wit and compared the need to put yourself out there for prospecting like trying to find a date in a “pub”.  What do you have to lose?  If you walked into the pub without a date, and then you were turned down from prospective dates, what did you lose if you go home without a date?  He also shared that “young” people are now the hunters within organziations (can’t say I totally agree with that one!)

Prospecting isn't just for kids

Prospecting isn’t just for kids

Want to prospect like a pro?  One of the items just listed might resonate with you.  Take the idea, adapt it for you, and then ACT!

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What do you think?  Are we on track with what it takes to grow your business?

P.S. My new venture – and awesome resource for YOU – is nearly ready for launch.  More next week!