Preparation Promotes Powerful Performance

It’s a tongue twister and yet there’s a lot of depth in that statement. It got me thinking about when my daughter tried out for a competitive dance team. After a week of workouts, she was the only person “cut” before the season started.

She was dismayed…for about 36 hours… and then she declared, “Mom, can we get me better classes for dance?” I was impressed with her attitude and knew that “better classes” meant a half hour drive each way 3x a week. But I thought if she was willing, we should give it a try.

Over the next 11 months, including a rough Wisconsin winter, we dutifully drove her to classes having NO idea whether this different type of preparation and practice was really going to be worth it…and keep her from a broken heart at the next tryouts.

Well, not only did she make the team the next year, the coach was stunned at how she “upped her game.” In fact, she got so much better, that she tried out for a higher level team and made it!

Preparation Pays Off

You see, the right type of preparation pays off in any endeavor – in business and in life.

In selling efforts…I see professionals who aren’t full-time commissioned sales reps kind of prepare. Their prep is to think about and even make notes for what they want to say and do.

That’s not a bad start.

The Right Type of Preparation

But the right type of preparation for productive sales conversations should focus on the prospect – how to engage them and how to get them to be willing to collaborate in the information exchange that needs to happen in a sales endeavor.

The right preparation identifies the questions to ask that will allow them to discover and YOU to uncover more than the situation – you need to uncover the real motivators for them to DO something.

The right preparation sets you up to connect the value of your solution specific to THAT person and their situation.

The right preparation identifies the potential objections that might surface and outlines how to work through it with further questions to learn the why.

And the right preparation defines the outcome desired, so the conversation doesn’t end with assumptions and a lot of chasing afterward.

What’s in it for THEM?

When your preparation outlines the conversation from start to end – with a specific focus on THEM and What’s in it for THEM. – it’s powerful preparation.

While you might not have to travel an hour several times a week to up your game… 10-15 minutes of preparation on the right items will promote powerful performance; which ups your level of sales success to win more clients.

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