How do you know when good is good enough? It’s not always clear, is it?

As I reach the finish line for a multi-month project producing 67 different documents (the Genuine Sales Train-the Trainer is officially ready!) I am struggling with my need to have everything be perfect.

For many of us, perfection is THE goal. We work things over and over, push deadlines, stress others around us, and are okay with losing sleep for the elusive “perfect outcome.”
perfectaBut maybe perfection shouldn’t be the goal…after all who or what is perfect?

Too many of us are working longer hours as we incorporate getting more done, staying “in touch” with all the social media aspects, and serving our clients.

Maybe it’s time to pause and note that being imperfect has advantages too!

Last week, the Sales Pro Insider team held a local client appreciation event. It was humbling to hear 15 years’ worth of stories from clients about what we have done for them. And NONE of what we did was perfect. In fact, some of the best outcomes were accomplished by accepting that we aren’t perfect and adjusting our approach. A company president even said, “You are so relatable when you show you can’t do it all.”

Accepting that all doesn’t have to be perfect is something I struggle with. Yet when I look at situations all around me where people are creating their own stress to make something perfect and delaying projects or enjoying a relationship because it isn’t perfect, I think, “Just finish it and move on!” Sometimes 98% (or maybe even 90%) is better than not doing anything!

I suggest you (and I) pause today and consider these imperfect ideas:

Focus on a recent success and acknowledge that it was successful. Stop the “would-a, could-a, should-a” evaluation. Accept the success and build from it.

Evaluate the gains versus the efforts it takes to perfect something—are the gains from it being perfect worth the effort, time, and resources of perfection? If not, decide that it is okay as is and move on.

Assess your strengths. Then stop trying to make your non-strengths equal! There are reasons why we all can’t be strong in everything! Acknowledge what works for you and use your brilliance and strengths instead of focusing on fixing everything else.

Finally, even if just for a moment each day, embrace your imperfectly perfect self!

Your turn! Share with me your story of a success that wasn’t perfect and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of Conversations That Sell.