How proficient are you with the necessary skills and habits of sales success?  Are you swinging and hitting the ball out of the ballpark or experiencing a lot of strike outs?  Maybe a few little adjustments can get you back into your A game.

Yesterday I participated in rec league softball practice. It’s the first time in 14 years for me!  I played from 9th grade until I moved to a new community 13 years ago.  Then being a spectator and coach for  youth teams took precedence. This year though, my husband and I both joined softball leagues (much easier with 2 of 3 kids are driving to their own events 🙂

So…yesterday I dusted off the cleats, borrowed my daughter’s new glove and headed to practice.  I admit to some apprehension – after all – its been a LONG time since I stood at the plate as a PLAYER!  I was rusty for sure – and had forgot some of the small nuances – which leg to lead, the follow through needed to get the ball out of the infield, etc.  Let alone my nerves of people I don’t know determining whether I was going to be a valuable team member or not.

softballI’d like to say I pulled it all together in those two hours, but I didn’t. I was definitely better after two ‘at bats’ – but I know I need to get to the batting cages or get my boys to pitch me in our backyard.  It’s going to take a while.

It’s like that at work too. There are certain aspects of sales that we don’t regularly stay on top of.  Then when we do pick up the bat again, we aren’t as good as we once were.  So the question becomes – How hard do we want to work at getting better?

The downturn in the economy was a big wake up call for many.  Nearly 20 months into it – I see many salespeople are not as successful, I see others who have dug in and worked at perfecting skills they hadn’t needed in a long time (prospecting, referrals, etc.)  Guess who is doing better today?

It’s Monday – what do you need to ‘hit out of the ballpark” this week?  After identifying ‘what’ – evaluate “how” equipped and skilled you are for the different aspects needed. Do you need to ‘dust off’  any part of the sales process?  If so, preparation and practice will help.  Your swing will be more productive and you will ‘connect’ with the ball hit toward you.

Much success!