Warning! The content of this message may be offensive to the perfectionists and OCD folks.

Do you want to complicate growing your business, or book of business? If so, strive for perfection!


Yes…a strive for perfection and getting “everything right” will get in the WAY of having the clients you enjoy working with, achieving a profitable business, and earning the income you deserve!

In my years of working with advisors I’ve observed the practices, mindsets, and activities that those who ramp up their businesses quickly employ. It’s these factors that show what works and what doesn’t.

One of the BIG differences between the advisors who ramp up with the right clients and see profitability quickly—and those who don’t— is ACTION!

How? When it comes to the business development and sales part of your business…

Imperfect action has value, while perfect inaction has none!

Let me repeat that…

Imperfect action has value, while perfect inaction has none!

There are so many ways to get in the rut of creating, recreating, doing more research, waiting for the best time to start conversations, etc. And those habits will NOT get you in conversations with people—whether direct prospects, COIs, or the general networking that helps people know you exist.

We can spend weeks and months focused on getting our website, documents, and process so perfect.

And while this may be an unpopular statement: There is NO perfect website, blog, video, business card, logo, or sales process that can replace action.

Of course, you don’t want these elements of your business to be embarrassing or shoddy, but strive to make them good, not perfect, so that you can start to use them as the resources they’re meant to be for what really matters: actually TALKING with people to move your business forward.

You can update and iterate everything as you learn more and gain better context for where they fit.

When you can look at all the “things” that support your business with the lens that they need to be good, and not perfect — You’ll grow faster.

Get away from perfection and focus on action.