Think about the last time that you read a non-business book or watched a new release movie. You probably made the decision to read or watch based on a book jacket cover, a movie trailer, or a friend’s recommendation.

We make these decisions and invest hours of our time based on pointed, direct information.

Yet when we get into situations where we’re selling our services, we overcomplicate, overwhelm, and create uncertainty for our prospects. Which slows the prospect’s movement in making that important decision to work with us. How? With the data dump and extraneous details or examples, which don’t help like we think it will. Nope. We can do better.

Focus on What Matters to THEM

What can you do after learning about their Problems, Opportunities, Wants, and Needs (POWNs) and the impact of those?

  • Be specific. Once you’ve earned the right to explain how you can help them, share the Cliff notes version or the highlight reel. Focus on what’s most important—which is the end of the story (outcome) where everything is resolved.
  • Then pause.
  • If they don’t have a question or a comment, ask something like this: “What would be helpful for you? Would you like more of the how-tos or details? Or would some examples of how this has worked in similar situations be helpful?”
  • Listen and share additional information if needed.

And given the opportunity, prospects will tell you. They’ll tell you what information they’re looking for and how they want it. We don’t need to give them all the twists and turns, the side plot, or the villain’s backstory.

Help Them Focus with a Complete Investigation

We should focus on only providing the information they need in making their first decision—to work with you.

This is easier when we help them focus on what’s most important, which is their Problem, Opportunity, Want, or Need and the impact of this. The impact gets to the emotional factors that drive decision…or indecision.

We do this effectively by asking questions that highlight the emotional and factual elements of their situation and the risks and rewards that come with that. Then once they sign on for your services, the value you provide will WOW them as you use your processes and show your fabulous expertise and knowledge in getting the real work done.

Start with the Happy Ending in Mind

That’s how we speed up the decision-making process for our prospects and support them to make more confident decisions. It saves us and them a whole lot of time–because ultimately that is the happy ending your prospects are looking for.


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