Our customer’s loyalty is earned as solutions are provided and relationships are formed. The business times we are in are testing OUR loyalty to our customers as never before. Yesterday I heard a radio ad encouraging listeners to call them if they haven’t heard from their service provider recently. Though this was a financial company, it could be a message to anyone in sales or service. Your competitors are ready to take care of your customers if you aren’t.

With today’s economic situation, the old adage, “no news is good news” may not be the best approach to demonstrate your care for your customers. The headlines are full of news about companies who are struggling and customers aren’t sure which companies will fall next. Do you they know you are still around?

A simple message of “I’m calling to let you know that I am thinking of you.” or “I was wondering how you and your company are weathering the recent economics?” will be very welcome by most. The comment and question may not matter as much as you contacting them and making them feel they are valued.

If your valuable customers heard a radio ad asking if they heard from you recently, would they be able to say “YES, my provider is loyal TO me” and change the station?