Don’t you wish there were a big red “Easy” button that would make all your selling efforts more efficient and productive?

Well, there is! All your prospect meetings will be easier when you adjust your mindset to focus on the things that really matter to THEM!

Your Easy Button Is: “What’s in it for Them?”

Instead of “Easy” though, the button says, “What’s in it for Them?”

This reminds us to focus everything we do, everything we say, and every process that we set up through the lens of, “What’s in it for Them?”

  • What’s in it for Them of that prospective client?
  • Why should they care?
  • What does this mean for them?
  • Why should they move forward?

When we connect the information and resources in a way that makes it relevant and interesting to help them get what they need in the way they need it, everything will be easier. And that level of ease means your prospects will make more confident and quick decisions to work with you.

The only sales tip you may really need then is to focus everything on “What’s in it for Them?”