Here we are at year-end…the hustle and bustle of the holidays with a year-end push for completion on projects all while trying to make time for family, and so much more to fill our days!

Yet, now (as in TODAY) is the best time to launch your 2019 business success.

It begins with a business review.

Let’s make this review simple and begin with ONE question:

Have we(I) realized the success/results needed this year?

If Yes – Congratulations to you, and best wishes for more success in the coming year!

If No – Pause and dig deeper with these additional questions:

  1. What caused the lack of desired results? Hint: If you are only identifying external factors, you aren’t looking close enough.
  2. How did your own personal activities, beliefs, and planning help or hurt?
  3. How effective was your support team in accomplishing the main goals and objectives?
  4. What was done to celebrate milestones and achievement of the goals that were reached?
  5. What obstacles popped up? What did you learn from them?
  6. Which goals were not achieved? How important were they? What was your commitment to the actions to achieve them? What did you learn from this?

Your answers to the question in #6 may be THE most important to your company’s future. Were the goals realistic? If they were important, what really got in the way of you acting on them?

If you are ready to take on 2019 with focus, action, and commitment, ask and answer these next set of questions:

  1. What is my growth potential? What evidence supports this? Do I believe this is possible?
  2. What will it take to reach the annual goals? Identify what is needed: the resources, and people, and commitment that will make it happen. What do I personally need to contribute to set the vision, strategy, plan, and accountabilities?
  3. What may get in the way? How will I remove those barriers early or reduce the possibility of these obstacles?
  4. How can I help our customers achieve their goals along the way?
  5. What benefits or real rewards will be realized for everyone involved when these goals are achieved?

Then complete Goal Planners which include all the components necessary for goal achievement — they’re included in this free eBook on Achieving Goals.

Your responses (followed by action) to these powerful questions set your business up with a fresh focus and commitment. And you can start the entire process with ONE question to launch 2019’s achievements.

The time you make now starts with learning from the past, planning for the future, and execution!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and happiest (successful) New Year!!!