Have you noticed that converting referred prospects is easier than converting colder prospects?

Well, of course! And why is that? Because they’re more ready to trust you and they know that other people trust you. And so, they move along faster to decision.

Fortunately, you can help colder prospects, who come in from other sources, be more ready to make the first and subsequent decisions to work with you.

And how can you help them get ready?

A Simple Email Helps Your Prospects Feel More Comfortable

One common approach many advisors have adopted, and which makes all the difference, is to set the expectations and increase the prospect’s state of readiness.

A single, simple email can do this!

Send an email 48 to 72 hours before the first meeting. This email should go beyond the simple, often automated, confirmation email that almost everyone sends when someone schedules.

The purpose of this prep email is to remove as much of the unknown from the process as possible. Why? Because by removing the unknown, you help that prospect feel more comfortable about the meeting.

By contrast confusion, discomfort, and overwhelm slowdown decision making.

A prep email helps them open the mental capacity for the information exchange that needs to happen in the conversation, the exchange for them to receive what they need to make a confident decision to take the next steps you identify together — whether that’s signing on as a client to work with you, scheduling a follow up meeting, or anything else.

Help them get ready by being specific about what to expect.

Sales Prospecting Email Template

Ultimately the email you send out must reflect your own firm, priorities, style, and sales process. Yet, here are the key components I recommend including.

  1. Time & Place – This one is fundamental. When and where are you meeting and what does that mean for them?
  • If in-person:
    • Provide directions, key landmarks to look for, or maybe a link to Google Maps.
    • Let them know where they should park.
    • Explain the arrival logistics. Will someone be present to greet them as soon as they walk in? Do they need to take an elevator or find a specific suite?
    • Are there any materials or documents they need to bring to the meeting?
  • If virtual:
    • What platform will you be using to meet? Zoom or something else?
    • Will the meeting use video? If so, is it required or optional?
    • Is the meeting “kid/pet-friendly” or do you need them to be in a quiet room without interruptions?
    • If they should take notes, what do they need to do so?
  1. Meeting Outline – Provide a meeting outline so that the prospect knows what to expect in terms of the flow and key points. Include the objective and what decision they’ll be queued up for.

Some advisors prefer to call this outline the “agenda.” Just be aware that depending on your style that might come off as too formal. Here’s an example of a potential meeting outline:

In our 45 minutes, we’ll:

  • Take time to get to know each other.
  • Explore your situation and whether it’s something we can help you with.
  • Answer questions you may have.
  • If relevant, review how our services work and can benefit you.
  • Collectively determine our next steps or schedule our next meeting.
  1. Supporting Documents – Do you have any “homework” for them? Something you want them to do, bring, or review before the meeting? For example:
  • Questionnaires.
  • Resource documents about a topic they expressed an interest or concern about.
  • Web pages on your site that you want to be sure they review in advance.

Help Your Prospects BE Great Prospects

Remember, the goal with all of this is to help them be ready. By removing these unknowns, you free up mental space for them to engage in and focus on the information exchange that needs to happen. That increases their confidence in taking the next step.

While this prep won’t turn them into a referred prospect, they’re going to be a ready one.


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