I like to get things done…quickly. And generally I’m open to new tools or ideas that can help me be even quicker. But I’ve had a blind spot for a while…which I explain a little later.  First, let me back up and give you some perspective before sharing how I’ve come to ‘see the light!”

I paid my last two years of college tuition for my undergraduate degree by typing papers for other students. I am quick on the keyboard and even won typing contests in high school! I used to be able to type 110 words per minute so I could type students’ 40 page papers in two hours. At a $1 a page, I was able to pay my two years of tuition without loans!

I share this not to brag but to make the point that I am a whiz on the keyboard. That’s why when technology, like voice recognition software are discussed, I tune out. Why would I want to bother when I can already type so quickly to get my ideas and information on paper?

Well, when Rick Wohlner of dragon naturally speakingPrecision Labs mentioned how he is using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. And his VP of sales, Sean Lynch, one of the fastest moving and talking people I know, said that he used it to dictate his notes after calls. I finally listened and figured I should check it out.

I actually purchased the software and then let it sit for weeks before I finally loaded and set it up.  After 60 minutes of use I thought “Why did I wait so long? This is fantastic”

The accuracy is far better than I could have expected. I was able to get 21 pages of a draft trainer’s guide completed easily in about 90 minutes!

Here’s why I love it:

  • I can add my own vocabulary words and phrases to the dictionary.
  • It keeps up with my fast talking speed.
  • I can use the commands in all my programs so far.
  • I was able to use my hands to flip to pages in the manuals I was referencing and not lose my place on the keyboard.

I do know that I will need to do a thorough proof and edit of whatever it is I am speaking but it’s so much easier than I could’ve imagined.

Version 11 of the software is now out and a quick look at eBay shows that you can get the version 10 software for under $100 with free shipping. So the price point is not a barrier.

My plan for using this in the future?

  • Dictate into my smart phone and transfer it later. Meaning that my car time will become much more productive and safe.
  • Keep ‘training’ the software for all of the acronyms that I use so that I have less editing.
  • Improve the notes I input from customer conversations.

The name Dragon Naturally Speaking is interesting…and I admit that the ‘natural’ part comes pretty easily 🙂

Now that I shared my favorite new productivity toy, where productivity tools do you use that we should all know about?

PS this is not a sponsored and/or send. I really love it!
PSS my husband was given the software from his employer when he had hand surgery this year, she never accessed it, until he saw how easy it was for me to use.

PSS – if you know anyone in Agriculture sales that wants to work for a great company – Precision Labs is also recommended!