month endIt’s the end of another month. Sales managers and sales pros around the world are faced with the reality of ‘their numbers’ and efforts for the past 30 days.  Some are happy, some are not. 

Because I am fortunate to work with many companies and sales professionals each month, I get to see a lot of reaction – and reality!  I offer you several Do’s and Don’ts for your month end actions.


  1. Look at your numbers.  Not just the ‘sales’ or results. Look at your activity, your close ratio, your prospecting efforts, etc. Closed sales only tell part of the story of your effectiveness and efforts.
  2. Set your goal for next month. Do you have ground to make up from this month? Or from earlier this year?  Write down your goal(s) and as you write it – pay attention to your self talk. Are you confident in your goal? Are you second guessing it? Make sure it is realistic and believable.
  3.  Discuss your monthly results and activity with your manager, coach, mentor to seek their opinion.  What do they see you doing well that you should continue doing? What do they suggest you can do different to be even more effective next month?
  4. Celebrate your success and progress!  What is a reward that is important to you? Extra time this weekend with friends/family? A nice dinner out, a special drink or treat? Pause and acknowledge what you have done well.


  1. Make excuses. Whether you made your numbers or not. If you don’t like your results – it means you need to do something different next month
  2. Ignore the facts.  So often I see people who under- or over-estimate results without hard data. You won’t know if you don’t look and get the hard numbers. 
  3. Procrastinate. Monday starts a new month. Be prepared to jump into August with enthusiasm and energy – and most important activity!

Using these tips will help you – and your manager – find happiness and success at the next month end.

What other tips do you have for month end?

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