Earlier this week I mentioned how excited I was to be able to collaborate with a group of top lady sales experts.

What a fantastic couple of days it has been so far – I’ll summarize some of the key topics in a future post – and for now will introduce you to the rest of the gang – follow them on Twitter, read their blog posts, sign up for their newsletter and the great freebies they offer, it will well be worth your time.

Readers, meet:

Melinda Emerson, Trish Bertuzzi and Laurie Page, Alice Kemper, Laura Posey, Lisa Magnuson, Hazel Walker,  Karin Bellantoni, Julie Hansen, Leisa Erickson, Carolyn Cordeschi,  Babette Ten Haken, and Barbara Weaver-Smith.

I’m sad today is our last today together for another year, but know that the collaboration will continue throughout the next year.