While my tips are about how you can be more productive in your selling efforts…I learn so much about being a good seller from the situations I have as a buyer.

In buying new cell phones recently, I visited a national mobile carrier who seemed to put up every barrier possible for me to actually purchase two cell phones. From a long wait, to unclear information, and options that did not make sense, he didn’t seem to care whether I purchased or not.

Then I visited a large retailer who also offers cell phones. Even though it was late evening, the seller could not have been more helpful, patient, informative, and efficient. He made it easy for us to say “yes” and earned a nice sale at the end of the day.

Tips to Make Buying Easy

So, what can you do to make it easy for your buyer?

There are three specific actions you can take to make it easy for your buyer to buy:

  1. Clarify expectations. Let them know what is going to happen and when. From the first contact, always outline what they can expect: before, during, and after any conversation. Outline objectives, process, and their role throughout.
  2. Connect value. As you explain what you have to offer…connect it to what you know is important to them. If you can’t connect it to them, it may not be relevant so don’t waste their time.
  3. Clearly ask for a specific action or decision at the right time. Don’t make assumptions or leave them with assumptions that create uncertainty or a chance for more research and talking to competitors. With clear actions or decisions, you allow the buyer to more quickly get a solution to their problem, opportunity, want, or need.

Think about this…

You are the guide in this sales process…and when it’s easy for the buyer to clarify what they need and to understand the value offered because you’ve aligned what you do; it’s easy for your buyer to move forward.

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