My mom told us often, “A little appreciation goes a long way.”  How true that is!  And many people think it takes a LOT of  money and fanfare to show appreciation.  Not true!

Leaders, does this sound like you?

This year has been tight, I have no budget to do the ‘extras’ to show my people I value them.”

Throughout 2009 I have had discussions with leaders thinking the same thing. I have encouraged and suggested that they find non-cash ways to appreciate and recognize their top performers. We discussed hand written notes, a small gift card for no reason, a lunch, a phone call to discuss them, not business, etc.

Now, along comes the PERFECT way to show appreciation! Nominate your top performers to be a Sales All Star!! has a monthly contest that you can use to publicly acknowledge your sales all stars. Details here:    Biz All start

AllBusiness will honor the top-performing salespeople working hard in today’s competitive market. Just tell them about a salesperson in your network who deserves the limelight.

The panel of sales coaches and experts will select one salesperson each monthfrom among the nominees. That person will be profiled in a feature article for AllBusiness and our sister site, Hoover’s, and will receive free membership in a sales networking and coaching program. One annual winner will get a package of sales training and coaching programs, membership in Top Sales Experts, and additional tools and resources to continue developing their expertise and talent.

Think about it – how will they feel to know you nominated the for an international award?  GREAT!