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“How often should I say thank you?” is a common business etiquette question.  And it is a tough question for some as it resonates with your individual values.

While a service might be expected, does it merit a thank you?

A basic guideline is to say thank you every time you have received something of value. It only takes a moment and it’s free!

In a business relationship, here are some times when it is appropriate to show Thanks:

  1. At the beginning of a relationship:  To express appreciation for the opportunity to provide a product or service.
  2. Once the service has been provided or product delivered.
  3. Ongoing throughout the relationship (recommend 3-4 times/year) to show that you value the relationship and have not taken it for granted.

Some ways to show your thankfulness:

  1. A sincere verbal thank you.  Watch that your body language and words match. (Beware the busy retail employee response:  Thanks, have a nice day.  Next?)
  2.  A Note of appreciation.  Your invoices should always thank customers for their business; notes of appreciation are a personal note (no form letters!) that is best mailed separately.
  3. Valued” Customer cards.  No, this is not a new Hallmark creation.  A valued customer card is sent to let your customer to let them know that you appreciate working with them.  The beauty is that it’s customized to them, from you – because you’re creating the “event.”  A blank card with a handwritten note is perfect or a holiday card with a preprinted message works too (just be sure it’s a handwritten signature and that their name is written inside the card to personalize it.)

Want some additional ideas on ways to say “thanks”?  Check out www.sendoutcards.com.  It’s a quick, easy, cost-effective way to send out personalized cards and gift items.

Ready to show your appreciation after this reminder?  Think about your customer base.  Did the customer you just lost, know that you appreciated their business?  When was the last time you remembered to thank them for their business?

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

And we say Thank YOU for visiting our blog.  We hope you find the Tips great reminders of what you can do to achieve the highest levels of sales success.

What are some ways you have creatively expressed your appreciation?