pot of goldReady to use to tap into the creative energies in your brain today?  Jill Konrath, world-renowned sales author and speaker, freshly returned from a trip to Dublin, Ireland has posted a Limmerick Challenge.

Join the fun – and enjoy some giggles!


The Limerick Challenge by Jill Konrath

After you’re done reading them, I invite you to take the Limerick Challenge.


There once was a sales guy named Jack
Who just loved to yakkety yak.
He made customers itch
When he delivered his pitch
Then wondered why no one called back.

Who was trying to sell to this fella.
When they finally did meet,
She didn’t miss a beat
‘Fore she put him through PowerPoint hella.

There once was a man name Peter
Who wanted to buy a new heater.
But he was so appalled
When the sales lady called
Without thinking, he quickly delete her.

By Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling . For more info, visit www.jillkonrath.com.


And now my attempt at a sales limmerick.

There once was a sales lady named Mabel
She tried to sell a custom table
She never asked prospects for information
Which caused her sales manager consternation
And she quickly proved her self unable

Enjoy the fun today!