March 1-7, 2010 is National Write a Letter of Appreciation week.  Wow – a whole week dedicated to appreciating – in writing – others!  Letter writing

A national holiday like this is a PERFECT reminder for us to reconnect with prospects or customers.  The key tips are:

  1. WRITE the letter. It’s not a phone call, email or text. Pen to paper. The recipient can hold it in their hands and for tactile people, that’s a good thing! Last month I got a thank you note from a prospect for the follow-up message I sent – on a quality note card and addressed just to them.  I knew this Doer type person appreciated it, or he wouldn’t have taken the time.
  2. Be specific in your appreciation. “You are great to work with.” is okay – but something like “I really appreciate how you respond so quickly to my messages.” is much stronger!      I really believe in specific appreciation and as I completed my drive-thru banking transaction last Saturday, the teller said “Nancy, thank you for writing your account number of the back of the checks, it made it so much easier to pull up your account.”  I drove away as the recipient of specific appreciation – and felt how great that is. And the benefit to that teller?  I think I will always write the number on the back of the check now.
  3. Do not SELL to them in this letter. The note is  to appreciate them and nothing more.
  4. Hand write the address on the envelope. It’s much more personal.

Making time for writing these letters or notes will set you apart, get your name in front of people again and increase your energy!

The hardest part is DOING this.  Schedule an hour or two later this week to appreciate others.  Customers, your manager, assistants, colleagues, spouse, children, parents – everyone will appreciate it!  Set a goal of the number of people you will write a letter to this week and then WRITE them.

My appreciation to each of you?  I very much appreciate the comments that are left to blog posts. It helps me know that I am not just writing to the ‘universe’ – that real people have connected and are adding to the conversation of the posts.  Thank you commenters!