Following my last post about my Social Media learning points after 8 months of activity, comes this post on 10 Stunning and Useful Facts About Twitter from Rohit Bhargava, Influential Marketing Blog, with 10 Standout Findings about Twitter.

One of the useful facts he writes about:  Twitter is being led by the social media geeks. This particular finding should likely come as no surprise, but 15% of Twitter users who follow more than 2000 people identify themselves as social media marketers. These individuals are more likely to post updates every day (sometimes more than once per day) and also use Twitter more actively for direct communication.

This gives me another learning point to add to my list from Friday’s post…it is OKAY to Unfollow people  on Twitter that do not fit into your “world”.  In fact, the referenced study’s stats on percentage of social media marketers seem low to me.

One of my newer strategies for Twitter is to remove the obvious over-marketers!  Having 400 healthy Follows is better than 800 that dump useless information that I need to filter through.  This morning I noticed one Twitterer had sent the same marketing tweet 6 times in a minute…and that seemed to be their pattern.  It was empowering to Remove my Follow to them!

Maybe there should be a Twitter-police???

Thanks to Colleen Francis of Engage Selling for her post referencing Rojit’s blog!