Ever wonder how top performers got to be so great? Well, for one thing, they didn’t let the enemies of greatness hold them back.

This article, the Six Enemies of Greatness from Jessica Hagy on Forbes.com got me thinking.

Jessica lists these enemies of Greatness:

  1. Availability – settling for what is there in front of you
  2. Ignorance – not knowing how to make something great, or that greatness is possible
  3. Committees – seeking consensus before acting, often driven by the lowest common denomonitator
  4. Comfort – the intersection of tried, tired, and true
  5. Momentum – rather the lack of – being in a rut. Some call it complacency and
  6. Passivity – different than complacency, passivity is letting others take control for you.

These are the same in your sales efforts! You can let these six reasons keep you from greatness, or you can take Initiative to be:

  1. A Seeker – seek what you need to be successful, the right prospects, tools, and processes.
  2. Knowledgeable – be a student of your solution, industry and customers.
  3. Independent – you don’t need to go it alone, but don’t wait for permission from others on a course of action.
  4. Focused – decide on your target – where you want to be and a plan for getting there.
  5. Action – Do! Be proactive with your time, energy and efforts. The sellers that DO, succeed.

Greatness is within you. You just have to access it.

I suggest reading the article on Forbes.com, the visuals that go with the story, are more powerful than the words!