stopwatchWant to be most successful this year?  Maximize your success potential by making your minutes matter.

A minute isn’t a lot of time…60 seconds as we learned in elementary school.  What you do with those minutes can make a difference in your day, week, month, year and life.  Its the beginning of a new year and in each non-leap year we have 525,600 minutes to spend (ever hear the song Seasons of Love from the play Rent?).  What you decide to do with each minute this year matters.

It seems we are all on overload and our schedules are overcrowded. I often wonder how successful people have the time to do the things that matter to them.  Success doesn’t have to relate to business…success in relationships, health, fitness, discipline, work or sports are all important.  How do successful people find the time?  As I observe the most successful in my training workshops I see that they make the most out of each minute in their day!

What can we do with a few minutes that will lead to future success?

  • Read – Keep documents you want to read available in your car, brief case, or near your computer (ever have to wait for a download or update?).  What can you learn?
  • Listen – Stop.  Listen to the sounds and people around you. What do you hear?
  • Reach Out – Send a note or leave a voice message to someone you haven’t made contact with in a while.  Imagine how your message might make that person’s day.  What will it do for yours?
  • Exercise – Walk a flight of stairs. Do leg lifts. Stretch!  How does that feel?
  • Tackle the To Do List – Take action on one “To Do” item and cross it off your list.  Make small progress often and know that it will be completed in no time.  What does that do to the size of your list and your stress level?
  • Quiet Your Mind – Take a deep breath.  Fill your lungs to capacity and slowly exhale. Concentrate on your breathing and quiet for mind for a short while.  What can you discover?
  • Purge – Pick up those items that aren’t where they belong…put them in their place, throw them away or give them to someone.  How much energy is gained by not having to again look at those out-of-place or unnecessary items?

It’s amazing what can happen to our energy and peace of mind when we make the most out of these little pieces of time.

When you find yourself with minutes available…seize the moment to make them matter.