Clarity. It’s a great thing for sellers.

Clarity in:

  • Your goals
  • Your career
  • Your skills/ability
  • Your value
  • Your conversations

Yet there are blind spots that can cloud the clarity – and lead to humbling.

clarityYou know how it is – you are cruising along, having success, keeping up with the To Do list and on track for goals…then WHAM! something comes from out of nowhere and derails you. How do you maneuver and get back to clarity?

It depends on what the blind spot is.

Is the blind spot a situation that creates doubt, is it a damaged relationship, a mistake you made, or a maybe a change you hadn’t anticipated?

Recently I was in the sweet spot – working away, training sellers, chipping away at my goals … and then I made a mistake.

A rookie mistake.

I started on the implementation of a training initiative and employed the resources I needed, changed schedules, and dug in. What I didn’t do – was wait fo rteh signed agreement.  I had a lot going on and just added this to my queue and got started.

But I couldn’t get the final pieces I needed to implement the solution from the buyer. He stalled, he promised to call, he promised to send the informaion…and finally two weeks into it, admitted he didn’t have budget approval after all.


So I needed to STOP.

Stop all that was put in motion. Stop from yelling “WHAT?”  Stop from blaming him.

It wasn’t his fault…the inefficiency of what was started. It was mine. (Clarity)

I was the one who moved forward without the signed agreement. I moved forward based on the verbal agreement and promise.

It was my responsibility for not tightening that up before going forward. It was my responsibility to get the signature.

This tested my emotional intelligence – I had to reroute my reaction to the situation and learn from it. (Clarity)

Reflecting on what happened was illuminating and I won’t be making this mistake again soon.

I was humbled.

And now I am reminded to follow the best practices I know (and teach) so well.  Do not deliver on promises on compliments  Wait for the signed agreement, purchase order, check, or whatever your closing activity is.

Lesson learned. Clarity once again achieved.

How about you? What clarity have you achieved lately?