For months I was in a writing mode…I customized two projects for clients meaning 250+ page work books, audio messages, articles, etc. all had to be revised. Then I moved into the crunch to finish the book, Conversations That Sell. I did less business development than I typically do.

So…imagine my fun these last few weeks getting back into the mode of actually contacting clients and prospective buyers to see how we can help them! I am in the problem solving and trouble shooting groove for sales, organization and training issues, and I LOVE it!

It’s so easy to get caught up in activities that are not sales, but if you believe in your solution and that more people should be using it, the sales conversation is much easier, isn’t it?

I am excited to be back preparing for sales calls, having the conversation and then piecing together a solution with them when possible. I am also surprised how rusty I was the first few calls – how easily I got into a couple of bad habits.

Now, I’m in my groove and having productive conversations and it all begins with making the time to prepare. The preparation is fueling great discussion and I am reminded how Sales Pro Insider really does alleviate issues for others in building performance, profits and people.

This wasn’t intended as a commercial, I’m just so excited to see that we are still relevant and we still matter even after I lost the groove!

What about you? When did you last get out of the groove of selling and how did you get back into it?