TGIF –  Thank God It’s Friday!  Do you feel like that this week? You don’t have to.  Let’s make today – FUF!  Follow-up Friday.  Friday

Fridays are great days for follow-up.  Many people are at their desk today trying to wrap up their week and tie up loose ends before the weekend starts. It’s often a GREAT opportunity to for you to catch them!  You can make it a very productive day to:

  • Send information of value to a prospect
  • Telephone contacts in your pipeline – prepare in advance what to leave as a voicemail message (just checking in doesn’t cut it)
  • Respond to emails that have been sitting for days
  • Complete the paper work that you have not had time to do the rest of the week
  • Prepare for next week’s calls
  • Set appointments for next week and the week after
  • Review your goals and decide what you will focus on next week
  • Take 60-90 seconds and just sit and breathe thinking about what you HAVE accomplished this week.

For me today is about preparation and opportunity.  I have a really great sales appointment this afternoon that I am excited about.  It’s with a long-time customer of my sales training. Today we are broadening our discussion to see how I might help them meet their broader human resource objectives of recruiting, training and coaching a top notch sales team. I know I can help them move that needle to save time, money and their effort!

A good sales appointment today will mean I have a follow-up Monday 🙂

What do you do on Friday to wrap up your week?