What you focus on, you will find.  My mom often gave us that line.  And it is so true!

What are people focusing on today?  The economy – and the focus is mostly on the negatives.  Yes, our economy is in a position that most of us have never had to work through before.  Yes, unemployment numbers are up. Yes, making sales means we need a different level of preparation, strategy and perseverance than in the past.   And yes many people are still finding plenty of success.

The question is, what can we do to make sure we are finding success? If we aren’t positive, how much will our prospects and clients want to talk with us?  They don’t need anyone else with “bad news.”  Most people are looking for a sign of hope from someone! Let it be you with a spring in your step and a smile in your voice!

I’m going to play “Polyanna” today.  If you need a little inspiration or to hear something positive, try these sites:

  • Happy News – Real  News. Compelling Stories. Always  Positive.
  • Good News Network
  • Daily Good – this even has a Business section!
  • Upbeat  – Positive, Optimistic, Inspiring News for All Ages
  • Optimist News – What a great name!

After you have a smile on your face and hope in your heart – then back to work with a focus on success:


  1. Find your goals.  Dig them out and review your progress. Where are you at this point?  Not where you want to be? What actions can you take today to move forward?
  2. Find something unexpectedly positive you can do  for someone on your team (work or home :).  Then do it!
  3. Find the time to make the phone calls you have been procrastinating on.

Your positive focus will help you find more success!