Wouldn’t it be great if sales opportunities truly ‘dropped in your lap.’  Well, sometimes they can … if you are looking for the opportunity!

Some people call them ‘trigger events’ others call them ‘golden opportunities’ and still others say ‘I was in the right place at the right time.”  All great things when you are on the positive end of that luck!  But the very successful find their luck – they don’t wait for it!

In my hometown, we are recovering from strong storms and a tornado that hit Monday night. Much of the damage is literally 250 yards from my back door!  It was that close!  So yesterday as I watched dazed people try to take it all in and stand and ponder,,I also noticed people finding their luck in the situation!

Proactive contractors and ‘handymen’ were on the scene, offering help and services.  Within hours chain saws were whining, dump trucks were hauling away debris, and roofs were being repaired. Tornados are NOT common in this area – did these people have this included in their annual ‘plan’ this year? Most likely not.

What they did was KNOW the value they bring and when they saw an opportunity – they acted!

How do you use this approach in your work?  Well, its time to start FINDING your luck and opportunities!  Some tips:

  • Set up Google Alerts for terms, companies, names of individuals who you want in your sales pipeline.
  • Read the blogs, magazines, publications that relate to the industry, type of business and geographic area that they operate in.
  • Set up and then follow a system to regularly review what is going on and then…
  • Act and make contact when you can.

A company I had a meeting with a while back was not ready to do anything – they definitely have a need for our sales and leadership training, but they had a Senior Executive who was not wiling to do anything.  Last month, there was a Google Alert for the company that said he had left the company!  I didn’t pounce right away…I gave it two weeks for the dust to settle and then called the next-in-command.  It was the perfect opportunity to open the door of opportunity again!

If you want to make the most of the rest of this year…make the time to find your luck today!

Catastrophe or Opportunity?