What’s THE one book for sales you recommend? It’s a question on many LinkedIn and forum groups. The toughest part is that there isn’t just one book that can help everyone grow sales, is there?

Depending on your experience, industry, and interests, you may need something different than others. That’s why each year we compile a list of valuable sales books for you to select from. Read through and find the one that resonates with you.

Whether you need to improve your sales conversation with buyers, learn more quickly to stay relevant, remove emotional barriers to success, or fill your pipeline, you’ll find a book to help you on this list. Select one a month and by the end of August you’ll have tons of new information to help you sell more.

The New for 2016 list can be found here: Summer Sales Reading List 2016 – Part 1. 

The Must Reads for Sales Leaders can be found here: Summer Sales Reading List 2016 – Part 2.

Agile selling


by Jill Konrath

So much to learn. So little time. If you’re like most sellers, your head is spinning with all the new things you have to deal with: new products and services, new technology, new positions or new competitors. Then, when you throw in all the changes going on around you, life gets even more complex.

In AGILE SELLING, you’ll discover how to:

  • Rapidly absorb new information
  • Master new sales skills quickly
  • Leverage an agile mindset
  • Tap into crucial success habits.

In a world of continuous change, your learning agility is the key for getting up to speed quickly — and then, staying there.

the art of commercial conversationsThe Art of Commercial Conversations – When It’s Your Turn To Make A Difference

by Bernadette McClelland

This book is DIFFERENT!

It provides mainstream how-to’s and what to do’s with a left of field focus on who you need to be and why this is so important. It taps into what REALLY contributes to business success when it comes to revenue generation, day to day leadership and the critical activation of those results that matter the most. It’s an invitation as well as a wake-up call to begin having commercial conversations that provide a win for everyone – you, your buyer and the greater community –  providing chapter after chapter of game changing calls to action!

baseline sellingBaseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know About the Game of Baseball

by Dave Kurlan

If you need to schedule more quality meetings, outsell your competition, overcome sales specific weaknesses, develop consultative selling skills, optimize your sales process or shorten your sales cycle, Baseline Selling is there for you. Now in its 10th year, this book has staying power! It’s fast-reading, memorable, easy-to-apply, and contains great stories, scripts and examples! If you like Baseball, you’ll find Baseline Selling is right up your alley and if you’re not a baseball fan, no worries, readers in the UK, India and Australia, where they don’t play baseball, love the book too.

changing the sales conversationChanging the Sales Conversation

by Linda Richardson

Richardson gives you five clear and powerful strategies and a set of tools to succeed in today’s new sales environment with self-educated customers.  Richardson helps you change your sales conversation from a focus on product solutions to the delivery of customer outcomes.

conversations that sellConversations That Sell

by Nancy Bleeke

There’s no such thing as “small talk.” Today’s buyers want more from sales professionals than a simple consultation. What they’re hungry for are meaningful, collaborative conversations that value their time and energy and result in a Win3…where they, the seller, and the organization achieve a winning outcome.

Conversations That Sell introduces sales professionals to the collaborative conversation skills they need to capture the buyer’s attention and secure business. Outlined and supported with examples are the key conversation “Skill and Will” factors that drive results. It’s an easy read with many tips and tools to help you make each of your sales conversations count.

discover questionsDISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected

by Deb Calvert

You can’t advance the sale unless you can do these three things for buyers: build trust, create value and collaboratively design highly personalized solutions. This book teaches you how to do all three simultaneously! Using DISCOVER Questions®, you will become the ONE seller that buyers actually WANT to talk to.

emotional intelligence for sales successEmotional Intelligence For Sales Success

by Colleen Stanley

Most salespeople know what to do, however, under stressful selling situations, they default to non-productive selling behaviors such as discounting and writing proposals for prospects that are never going to buy.

Emotions start running the meeting rather than effective selling and communication skills. Learn how emotional Intelligence skills produce hard sales results.

high-profit sellingHigh-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price

by Mark Hunter

Too many salespeople sabotage their sales career by consistently discounting their price! In “High-Profit Selling,” we dig into specific techniques to put an end to the discounting habit. You can build skills to sell at full price, and by doing so, you’ll be on your way to sales success!

hiredHIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews

by Elinor Stutz

“HIRED! provides a practical interviewing approach based on sales methodology. By following the principles Elinor Stutz provides, interviewees will become adept at selling their skills and experiences to prospective employers and more easily achieve their goal of hearing ‘HIRED!’”

– Nancy K. Hayes, Dean, College of Business,
San Francisco State University

future of consultative sellingThe Future of Consultative Selling

by Mike Schultz, Bob Croston, Jason Murray

In the past handful of years, the sales environment has changed so much that respected sales experts and business journals are telling sellers to replace consultative selling, while others claim it’s still relevant but that it needs to change. In The Future of Consultative Selling, Schultz, Croston, and Murray propose a new definition of consultative selling, and take a close look at the future of sales and what you need to do to win in the new sales environment. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to adjust course in the selling process now and in the future.

how to place the successful sales and prospecting call

How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call

by Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak take you step-by-step through his proven Seven-Step sales call process. Plus you’ll get examples of the what-to-say messaging to use in all parts of the call to get the “yes” answers you want, and how to place those calls without fear of the “rejection” that so many callers get paralyzed by.

Get this newly-revised 180-page paperback FREE…just cover the shipping.

insight sellingInsight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently

by Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr

According to a new study by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, only 36% of sellers have advanced consultative selling skills; that is, they inspire buyers with new ideas and perspectives, question the status quo, drive demand, and influence buyer decision making. It comes as no surprise that these sellers win more frequently than those who lack these skills. Insight Selling creates a roadmap for those sellers who want to do what sales winners do, differentiate from their competition, and win more sales.

listen more sell moreListen More Sell More

by Ronald Joseph Kule

Listen More Sell More offers correct, basic data and a complete, step-by-step, self-help sales course within a softcover book. The course includes exclusive, role-play exercises that improve ability to close sales. Professionals to beginners have improved their sales results by reading and applying this course with roots back to 1898. (Available in English and Swedish, this is Volume One of a projected three-volume series.)

A2679C_Curtis.inddThe New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media

by Barbara Giamanco

Today’s socially connected climate has redefined the way people communicate and interact. It’s also changed the way buyers operate in the marketplace. Ahead of its time, The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media, presents a new blueprint for selling, a significant expansion from selling via the traditional face-to-face or telephone sales methods. You’ll learn about the top social networks and how they work, as well as learn the road map for creating your social selling strategy—including how to empower salespeople to overcome their resistance to change.

nice girlsNice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results

by Elinor Stutz

An international best-seller that is turning into a classic.  Men are now reading and tweeting the book!

“Elinor has an amazing way of communicating simple, basic techniques that make the scary topic of sales very accessible to everyone. She shares the secrets that made her a very successful salesperson, from creative approaches to getting appointments to the most effective way to close the sale.”

-Kim Fisher, Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

people buy youPeople Buy You (Wiley 2010)

by Jeb Blount

Your ability to build lasting business relationships that allow you to close more deals, retain clients, increase your income, and advance your career to rise to the top of your company or industry, depends on your skills for getting other people to like you, trust you, and BUY YOU.

This break-through book pushes past the typical focus on mechanics and stale processes found in so many of today’s sales and business books, and goes right to the heart of what matters most in 21st century business. Offering a straight forward, actionable formula for creating instant connections with prospects and customers, People Buy You, will enable you to achieve a whole new level of success in your sales and business career.

proactive sellingProActive Selling: Control the Process – Win The Sale

by William “Skip” Miller

Your sales strategy is great, but your numbers just aren’t. Why the discrepancy? Because no amount of strategizing will help when you’re face to face with a customer. What you need are tactics – what to say, when to act, what to do.

rainmaker's quick guide to lasting sales successRainmaker’s Quick Guide To Lasting Sales Success, The

by Carolyn McGowan Coradeschi

In this fast-paced and easy to implement guide, you’ll discover how to consistently and easily make sales in a way that respects your customers and creates predictable results. Field tested in 30 years of selling success, author Carolyn Coradeschi shares her potent tools and techniques to help you:

  • Eliminate your fear and sales reluctance
  • Use creative approaches to open doors and cut through competition
  • Close sales whenever you want in a way that feels great for you and your customer

This fast-moving, practical book is loaded with time-tested, proven strategies and tactics to increase your sales and your income immediately.” ~Brian Tracy – Author, The Psychology of Selling

sales presentations for dummiesSales Presentations for Dummies

By Julie Hansen

No more excuses for giving another boring, ineffective sales presentation after reading this timely book!  Author Julie Hansen lays out a step-by-step method for building a blockbuster presentation and tips from acting, storytelling and Ted Talks for delivering it in a compelling and memorable way.  Whether your presentation is formal or informal, virtual or live, the techniques in this book will help you gain and hold the attention of busy decision-makers and improve your closing ratio.

selling above and below the lineSelling Above and Below The Line: Convince the C-suite, Win Over Management, Secure the Sale.

by William “Skip” Miller

Miller delivers invaluable insights on the hot topic of how to create dual value propositions.  More than ever, sales people must show a fiscal level ROI while simultaneously selling the technical feature/ function fit.  According to Neil Rackham, author of “SPIN Selling”, Miller’s book equips readers to “…increase their success while shortening their sales cycles.”

tall lady with the icebergThe Tall Lady With the Iceberg: the power of metaphor to sell, persuade & explain anything to anyone (Updated edition of Metaphorically Selling)

by Anne Miller

Like a knife through hot butter, the ideas in this book will melt away objections and help you spread your ideas further and faster. Learn how to leverage metaphors to make a point, change perceptions, clear up confusion and inspire action. Filled with fresh thinking, this book is a “must read” for all salespeople and business leaders who want to take their communication skills to the next level.

whale huntingWhale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company

by Tom Searcy and Barbara Weaver Smith

Is your company achieving $5m, $10m, $25m or more annual revenue? Have you reached a plateau in revenue growth? Do your annual sales sort of bob up and down these days? Time to introduce Whale Hunting to your team! Learn and implement a process to land bigger deals with bigger customers—predictably, safely, and repeatedly. Whale Hunting applies ancient wisdom to modern business development!

whalehunting with global accountsWhale Hunting with Global Accounts

by Barbara Weaver Smith

Nothing grows your bottom line faster than new business with your global accounts, yet companies like yours are leaving millions—maybe billions–on the table. You have a big customer or even a few that are part of global corporations, but you’re still treating them as if they were local. If you’re not ready to expand globally with your customers, even your domestic business is at risk.

In Whale Hunting with Global Accounts, Barbara Weaver Smith takes CEOs and sales leaders on a deep dive into the four critical sales strategies that will make you winners in the competition for growth in your biggest accounts:

  • Knowledge—Look Deeper
  • Structure—Get Organized
  • Process—Beyond Steps
  • Vision—Lead the Way

The voices of fourteen global sales experts—current practitioners and sales leaders—contribute seamlessly to the narrative for a powerfully multinational perspective. Weaver Smith will teach you how to become a smarter, more insightful, global account team whose customers look to you for leadership.