What’s your mindset around follow-up efforts for reconnecting with prospects who have stopped responding? What about those who haven’t followed through on the actions that they said they would?

Do you get into a mindset of negativity? Do you feel frustrated that you must keep chasing them? Annoyed that you’re the one who’s constantly following up and checking in with them when they’re not doing what they said they would?

Or do you start telling yourself stories like these:

  • “Oh my gosh they must have decided to work with somebody else.”
  • “My fees were too high.”
  • “I didn’t do what I needed to.”

Shift Your Mindset to Give THEM What They Need

Neither of those mindsets serve you or your prospective clients well.

Those people need you. For what? To stay engaged enough to reconnect and bring them back to what was so important that they were willing to talk to you in the first place.

To do that, first, we need to stop telling ourselves “stories” about why they’re not responding. Why “stories” in quotes? Because the reality is this: we have no idea why they aren’t responding.

While whatever’s going on in their life at that time might not be life altering, there’s something keeping them from responding or pushing back working with you as a priority at that time.

It’s a Courtesy Connection; Not an Intrusion

One way to switch your mindset is to change what you call follow-up activities.

Chuck Goldblum, an advisor in New York, brilliantly described his outreach not as “following up,” but as a “courtesy call.” Since not all follow-ups are actual calls, let’s dub this a “courtesy connection” instead.

Why courtesy? Because that’s exactly what it is. You’re being courteous to stay on top of things so that you’re who comes to mind when they’re ready to move forward. And it’s a courtesy that shows them what it will be like to work with you.

So, switch your mindset around follow ups. You’re not chasing. You’re not forcing. You’re not “Just following up.”

Instead, you are being of service and courteous to help them get what they really need in working with you.


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