It’s much easier to get out of bed on work days when you love what you are doing at work.

When I have something interesting and exciting, I am always awake before my alarm goes off.

I feel blessed to love my work and as Confucius said:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Far too many of the professionals I work with are not excited to start their work week or their work day.  They dread it.  And that is why we include a healthy dose of effort in our training and assessment work  to increase their confidence and competence in skills AND help sales and service professionals fall in love with what they do (and the value they bring)!

 When we love our work, we:

  1. Have more energy. Our energy is expendable but when we love what we do, our energy expands!
  2. Are more successful. The care and efforts are higher for things we love and our results follow.
  3. Have higher levels of happiness. Too many hours spent doing something you don’t love makes you unhappy.
  4. Do not dread our “work.” This leads to less procrastination.

If you aren’t loving what you do today don’t’ think you have to be ‘stuck’ because of the economy. You can DO something about it. This isn’t necessarily about finding another job – though you may decide that in the long run – there are several things you can do now to increase your love of your current job/career:

  1. Consider why you are doing the work you are doing.  Is it a need to? Or want to? Or a dreaded-to?  Sometimes moving through the dreaded duties, allows you more energy to focus on the want tos. Eating the frog releases energy and time.
  2. Spend time defining the value of what you do or what you offer. Refocus on the bigger picture! Most anything worthwhile has some drudgery to get there. Drudgery isn’t as bad when it gets you where you want. My home has a lot of painting details and plaster work.  I have done it all myself and am often asked if I will hire myself out. They assume I must love painting and plastering.  The truth is…I don’t!  I love the outcome and am willing to do the work that gets me there.
  3. Reflect on why you are in the job you are in A question I ask sales groups “Who chose a sales career?” 50% or more do not raise their hands. Wow that is a lot of people on a path not of their choosing.  But you can choose to stay on it … or not!
  4. Spend time with people who enjoy their work.  Ever notice how the company you keep affects your feelings?  Spend time with complainers and someone who hates what they do and it starts to rub off.  Spend time with successful, productive people and it helps you love your work too!

These tips do work yet I know you probably have more.  What else have you done to fall in love with what you do?