My 14 year old daughter was reciting a list of adjectives about me during one of our vacation days last week.  One adjective she used was ‘excitable’.  And you know what? She’s right!  As I return from a long weekend, I am excited!  For good reason.excited

The last two days of this week I will take part in a type of ‘unconference’ for women sales experts. Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies, is once again bringing women from around the world whose focus is on helping others succeed in sales together for time to learn from and with each other!

Lori Richardson, Score More Sales, and I have worked with Jill over the past months to pull the event together – and now that it is almost here…I am excited for the personal opportunity to dig into important topics affecting sales professionals around the globe – and then brianstorm how we can them help even more.

We have Colleen Francis, Kendra Lee, Nancy Nardin and more leading topics to help us individually and collectively leave a bigger imprint and trail of success with those we work with.  Some of the topics include social media’s affect and the need for collaboration to succeed  in today’s business world. We’re even going to have an opportunity for peer coaching!

So, yes, I am exited…and excitable….and I think that is a GOOD thing as the week begins and I am jumping in with both feet.

What gets you excited as the week starts?